Serv3 - HDD Problemer

Serv3 opplever for øyeblikket problemer med noen av lagringsområdene sine. Tekniker er på saken og vi vil gi en tilbakemelding her når vi har et klarere bilde av situasjonen og når vi kan forvente den opp igjen.

FAQ Section

Our FAQ section has now been updated with more questions and answers and will be also updated with more information related to our services. This is to help you as a customer.

Avtalevilkår og Betingelser - Oppdatert

Våre avtalevilkår og betingelser er nå gjennomgått og har blitt oppdatert.

Invoice Error - Solved

Some of our customers may have recived invoices that should been sent out earlier. It is important that theese are paid in full as soon as possible so that services would be renewed as normal. Invoice due may be earlier but as a consequence of this late fee would not added at this time.

New prices from 15 february 2019

We have made some adjustments to our price list, effective from 15 february 2019. This is a result of changes in currency exchange rates and changes to the wholesale prices from the registries to the registrars. All prices can you find in our updated price list.