How to change the mx record of your domain.

You can easily change your mx record of a domain(the place where all mail traffic is sent to), through your control panel. Here's How to do it:

!IMPORTANT NOTE! This only works if you have a domain name to forward the mx record to. If you only have an IP address, you will have to contact support and have them change your dns zone information. For example: changing the mx record to will work using this method, changing it to will NOT work. This is because cPanel only changes the cname record of what the domain actually is for points to by default). There is no A record associated with your mx record unless we change it.

1. Log into your control panel at or
2. Click on 'Add Accounts '
3. Click on 'Go Back'
4. Click on 'Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)'
5. Click on 'Change an MX Entry'
6. Select your domain from the selection box, then enter in the address
7. Click 'change'
8. That's it!

- Also remember that this is a dns domain zone change, which will require propagation(taking 4-48 hours) to actually show up across the entire internet.

NOTE: If you need more than one MX-record, please leave a support ticket os end an email to


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