How do I setup an email filter?

1. Log into your Control Panel ( Where '' is the name of your
2. Click on 'Mail' in the left side task pane
3. Click on 'Email Filtering'
4. Click on 'add filter'
4. To define a rule, select which part of the e-mail you want to filter by and the text that you want to match.
5. Click on 'Activate'

For example, to set up a filter for Spam Assassin that discards any incoming spam, follow these steps.

1)Login to cPanel
2)Click on 'Mail'
3)Click on 'Email Filtering'
4)Click on 'Add Filter'
5)In the Boxes provided, Change 'Subject' to 'Spam Assassin Spam Header'. Change 'contains' to 'begins with'. Type 'Yes' in the text box, and 'Discard' in the last box.

This will stop any further Spam Assassin messages from finding their way into your inbox.

Examples of valid destinations are "Discard", "|/home/user/" or "" (without quotes).

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