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To set up an e-mail account for ANY domain follow these steps:

1) Log into your CPanel
2) Click on the mail icon
3) The first option is List/Add/Remove POP Email Accounts, select this option
4) At the bottom of this is ADD ACCOUNT, click here
5) This will bring you to a screen that askes for an e-mail name with a drop down list ie (
6) Select the domain you want the e-mail associated with
7) Select a password for this account (This will be associated only with this email account)
8) Select the quota or leave at 100 meg default
9) Click on create

After the e-mail account is created you can repeat steps 3 - 9 for each additional email account you would like to add to your hosting account.

After you have all the accounts set up you can check the email accounts 1 of 2 ways:

1) Outlook / Outlook Express
a) Open Outlook express
b) Create an account under tools -> Accounts -> new -> Mail
c) Follow wizard
d) When asked for POP and SMTP servers they are for both Incoming and Outgoing
*YOURDOMAIN* = whatever the MAIN domain is of the account
e) Username is the SAME as the e-mail address (i.e. the whole thing not just the name
f) Click finish, if you get an SMTP error try using your ISP's SMTP server name (if you have problems change port 25 to 500)

2) Webmail
a) Using a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, etc) go to (*YOURDOMAIN* = whatever the MAIN domain is of the account)
b) a log-in box will pop up, the username is the full e-mail address you want to check with the password for THAT e-mail account
c) Chose any of the options for reading mail, they all get you to the same inbox, they simply have a diffrent look and feel

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