How do I password protect a folder on my website? Skriv ut

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Do not follow the steps below if you are using frontpage extensions on your site. Doing so will break your extensions and will keep you from publishing from frontpage. If you are creating your content in Frontpage we reccomend you use Frontpage to password protect folders.

1) Login to the Control panel
2) Choose "Password Protect Directories"
3) Click the folder icons to browse into your folders if the folder to be protected is not on the list
4) Click on the name of the folder to bring up the protection screen.
5) Check the box next to the lock icon and provide a "resource name" (you can change it later if you would like)
6) Click save
7) Click go back
8) Type in a username and password
9) Click add/modify user
Once you click go back you should see your user under the list of users. Repeat the last step for any extra usernames you would like to add.

Also any information or links under the folder you password protect will ask you for the password again.

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